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20. Almost got my Associate's. No idea what to do with my life.

Anonymous:Be my valentine!
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I’m this bunnies momma


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can we address the elephant in the room

its really rude to talk about girls like that 

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i was ready to just scroll past like “haha grammar humor” but then it was weird al and i,

New poll shows Obamacare is less popular than ever



Obama’s signature law is the hit with the American people Democrats thought it would be.  As more and more of the law’s provisions go into effect, few and fewer people are happy about it.

from Kaiser Health:

After remaining steady for several months, the share of the public expressing an unfavorable view of the health care law rose to 53 percent in July, up eight percentage points since last month’s poll. This increase was offset by a decrease in the share who declined to offer an opinion on the law (11 percent, down from 16 percent in June), while the share who view the law favorably held fairly steady at 37 percent, similar to where it’s been since March.1 Republicans continue to be the group with the strongest opposition to the law, but the increase in the share with an unfavorable view between June and July was similar across the political spectrum and different demographic groups.

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Those who are unhappy with the law overwhelmingly want to see the law repealed and not simply amended to “improve” it (not that you could actually do anything to improve such a monstrosity). 61% of poll respondents who said they opposed the law want to see it repealed in its entirety. 

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Armed Federal agents raid North Carolina couple’s home to take away their Land Rover



Remember that creepy “Green Police” ad that aired during the Super Bowl a couple of years ago? It seems that kind of insanity has actually come to pass for a couple in North Carolina. 

from WBTV:

When Jennifer Brinkley saw a line of law enforcement vehicles coming up her driveway last Tuesday she didn’t know what to think. “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

The Homeland Security agents were not there to take her away, they were looking for illegally imported Land Rover Defenders. Brinkley had bought one via the internet last year and had invested more than $60,000 into the rare vehicle.

She thought she had checked it all out and she legally owned it. “They popped up the hood and looked at the Vehicle Identification Number and compared it with a piece of paper and then took the car with them,” she said.

It turns out that in recent years some importers have changed the VIN number to comply with import regulations. All vehicles coming into the United States must meet strict safety and emissions standards. Land Rover Defenders, for the most part, do not meet the standards.

But a quirk in the law does allow the importing of vehicles 25-years-old and older regardless of whether the standards are met. There have been cases in recent years where importers have changed the VIN to make the vehicle appear older and thereby allowing it to come into the United States.

Defenders, even ones 25-years-old, will sell at a premium in America. Brinkley says she bought the vehicle online and has been trying to reach the seller but unsuccessfully.

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This is a prime example of the kind of of "civil asset forfeiture" that has prompted Sen. Rand Paul and a bipartisan group of Senators to sponsor a bill that would roll back law enforcement’s authority to seize assets without due process.

The couple in North Carolina has only been given 35 days to appeal the confiscation of their car. They haven’t been accused of any crime, but their car has.  They also haven’t been given any opportunity to make sure their car meets the required safety and emissions standards.  Instead, the Feds have stolen their property, and it’s highly doubtful they’ll ever get it back.

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Lee Pace slept next to camping out Comic Con goers. (x)

no but imagine you’re just napping and you roll over and lee pace is there looking like a dirtbag frat boy 


The client asked me to add headshots of their board of directors to their website.

Me: The headshots are poor quality. They are too low res to use on a professional site.

Client: Are you sure? They are from a high res photo.

Me: What do you mean they are from a high res photo? They are…

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none gf with left feel
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‘if the bride and groom would now like to exchange their vows’ the priest says

a, e, i, o, u’ the bride whispers

#with his eyes filling with tears #the groom chokes out a heartfelt ”and sometimes y”

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